There are many ways to join House of Refuge USA in welcoming New Americans to our city. Browse our volunteer opportunities below and contact us to discuss your interests and availability. 

In order to equip our volunteers and empower the new Americans we serve, all of our volunteers are required to complete the following steps prior to becoming a volunteer:

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application

  2. Attend a Volunteer Orientation 


Love your Neighbor TEAMs

(Visit refugees 3-4 times a month for at least 6 months)

LYN Teams accompany New Americans (NA) in their transition to life in the United States.  LYN Teams are matched with NA families to meet weekly for at least 6 months. Share meals, practice English, help out with practical advice about American life, and build friendships!

Love To Teach (ESL)

(2 hours per week for a minimum of 8 weeks)

Meet at a New Americans home and help them practice English. Our tutoring program focuses primarily on conversational English to help our families navigate daily life in the U.S.

Invite Homes

(Periodic, 1-2 days with each opportunity)

Invite Homes offer shelter and hospitality to New Americans for their first few days in the United States. Introduce them to an American home: thermostats, washing machines, and casseroles – they’re all new to many refugees. It’s a great way to share the welcoming love and make a lasting impact.

Life and Career coach

(2 hours a week)

Life and Career Coaches have the opportunity to meet with an individual for job training and interview preparation. This could also include English help, assisting with resume writing, helping a New Americans open a bank account, or taking them to get a State ID.



100% of every donation goes directly to support our New Americans Community. We deeply appreciate your support!