an idea is planted

Bijaya Khadka is a man whose background is Nepali.  Because of political tensions in and around Nepal when he was young, he and his family lived in a refugee camp for a number of years.  As a result, he became aware early in life of the problems faced by people who are economically and socially vulnerable.

In 2009, Khadka and his family moved to the United States and settled in Rochester.  As a new life unfolded, he developed a strong desire to help struggling people gain empowerment to live daily life with a sense of dignity, value, and purpose.

An idea grows

On New Year's Day 2015, group of youth from his community gave food and clothes to residents of a homeless encampment under the Douglass-Anthony Bridge.  The community response was positive, and it reinforced Khadka's desire to serve his community in the spirit he was taught as a child."He comforts us every time we have trouble so that when others have trouble, we can comfort them with the same comfort God gives us."

An idea bears fruit

With that in mind, House of Refuge came into being  in 2015 with input from supportive friends, family, and community organizations.  Since then, House of Refuge has been quietly and consistently reaching out with God's comfort to those who may be overlooked by larger, more complicated organizations.


Meet Bijaya …

A social entrepreneur per excellence, Bijaya Khadka is the Founder and President of House of Refuge, Rochester, New York, USA. He is also the CEO of Rochester's International Community, where his affection-driven work to see the welfare of people actualized through community activism and volunteerism to create better-living conditions for everyone are his utmost passion.

His ground-breaking endeavours has paved way for him to develop a cordiaI relationship with various community groups, non-profit organizations, and government officials in several capacities and in 2017, he was selected as a youth delegate at the United Nations.

Bijaya, a community leader and speaker, is a graduate of Theology at State University of New York (Elim) and currently studying Political Science and Sociology at Brockport State University, USA. He is happily married and the union is blessed with a lovely daughter and a son.