We advocate and advise for individuals who want to confidently negotiate daily life.
We collaborate with partners in public, private, and non-profit organizations to help our clients develop and confidently use skills when they interact with others in these key areas:

•Shelter •Employment •Employment •Education
•Community Participation
•Legal Support


As a new community coming to America we noticed many homeless people around Rochester, New York, this shocked and confused us as we believed that the United States is where everyone had a home and community would never allow this kind of problem to happen, especially with the various community organizations and people who are helping us to resettle here.

Our short term goal is to build a community initiative and awareness around this project. We want to build a prototype shipping container home as a model to show that there are solutions  that are cost effective and provide emergency and temporary housing for people who are homeless.



The employment program at H of R helps to connect refugees to their new communities.  Finding a job meets several needs in the lives of the families we serve.  The most obvious need is that refugees can become self-sufficient and independent.  This is truly a desire of those resettling in the United States and is a primary goal for H of R.  Our clients often express their aspirations of wanting to add to their new communities and be engaged in their new culture.  Many of these men and women, who have been contributing members of society in their home countries, do not want to have to rely on other people or on government systems in order to survive in their new homes.  Finding a job also provides refugees with a sense of worth and accomplishment.  Their children and families can be proud of them.  They take incredible pride in what they do and do not take their responsibilities lightly.



Each year many youth are graduating high schools and joining higher educations. H of R has program to help students to deal with setbacks, failures, stress and pressure they go through in their studies. We also motivate and encourage youth to be resilient and be strong on their academics and life no matter what they go through.



Help cultural communities participate fully in our American Society with all the rights of being an American. Independence and self management is the goal in all of our programs. All of our community programs are designed to have a purpose and are relevant to self-management and independence.



As new to this country many New Americans face legal challenges; Our organization has partner in various legal offices to assist our clients.